Counselling with the Soul in Mind

As a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor and member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, I offer a safe confidential space for you to speak your truth and be seen for who you are.

With heartfelt compassionate guidance I support you to discover and transform patterns within you that cause challenges and prevent you from flourishing as the unique being you truly are.

Using my knowledge and life experience, I support you to gently discover and awaken your full sacred potential. Together we explore strands of yourself that you have lost along the way and how these can be reclaimed. I help you to get in touch with your core within and find the stillness to hear the calling of your soul.

As we begin to unpack the often painful feelings that hinder your ability to thrive, I support you to get to know yourself and guide you towards you own inner wisdom. Sometimes we get lost in life and I offer you a space where you can begin to honour yourself and those you love, while journeying towards becoming more in touch with your authentic self.

When we take the time to care for ourselves, especially as women, it can have a ripple effect around us and often positively impact those close to us. Your inner journey can be seen as the foundation of the rest of your life areas. I offer an integrative approach to counselling, where I draw on systemic and transpersonal perspectives.

We all go through transitions in life, from birth to death. Some key transitions include: becoming parents; miscarriage; divorce; redundancy; empty nesting; the death of someone special; retirement, ageing and for women, menopause. These transitions in life can be like gateways, sometimes into despair, but with support and exploration real transformation can take place. I'm passionate to work with you especially at these gateway points, where new landscapes are emerging with a potential for a deep shift in your soul. It can be an opportunity for you to find a new more centred and balanced core within.

"I'm not here to make you better, but to help you to deepen your connection to your soul".

As humans we are part of nature and a great way to experience this interconnectedness is by having 'walk and talk' sessions. We would walk side by side and may find places to sit down. Nature can give comfort to our hearts and souls, connect us with our companion species and the land we live on. You may like to choose to have some of your sessions as 'walk and talk'.

Spending time is nature is one way to connect to your own inner radiance, plugging you into interconnectedness as you move away from the separation that is so dominant in our culture. In addition to the holding I offer in my sessions, nature can also offer an extended holding space where your fears, anxieties and griefs can begin to be unwrapped.

We often eradicate feelings in our inner ecology because we don't know how to be with them, perhaps they are overwhelming. As a society we have done the same with our environment, we have turned nature into something to be suppressed and controlled, like our feelings.

Often people avoid thinking about climate change / breakdown and mass extinction, not because they don't care, but because it's too overwhelming. With these issues being highlighted regularly in the media and terms such as 'climate change anxiety' and 'eco anxiety' being referred to, it is important to recognise that this is not a condition, but a real response to a dangerous situation. The more reality is distorted or avoided, the more anxiety builds up. This tells us that something is amiss and we don't want to get rid of these feelings, but rather find a way to listen to them. All is welcome here.

To get the most from counselling you might like to schedule some time for yourself after each session; be as honest and open as possible during the sessions, even when you might feel embarrassed or ashamed to share something painful; be an active participant, it is your counselling process.

Sessions: face to face - phone - video calls.
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