Green Space Coaching

I believe that we all have the potential for happiness and well-being to flourish in our lives.

As we begin healing, reclaiming our truth and personal power, the time comes to start moving forward. When we learn from the past, embrace the present and truly reclaim all strands of our self through our healing work, we have greater ability to create the life our soul longs for. 

Everyone has the potential to live happy and fulfilling lives; however, we don't always allow ourselves happiness and life satisfaction. The reason for this can be rooted in beliefs, many of which come from others e.g. parents, teachers, work environments and society in general.

Many people come to coaching because they are stuck in one or more areas of life, being it work, relationship, family etc. Coaching can support you to move forward in life, develop a clear vision, gain self-confidence and motivation. People often describe insights gained through coaching as 'lightbulb moments', a moment of sudden realisation or inspiration.

You will have the opportunity to take the time you need to examine your beliefs; your identity; to work with what no-longer serves you and explore new ways of creating more life affirming beliefs, which supports you to grow into the fullness of a happy flourishing life. You will be encouraged to explore and discover your values, who you are as a person and what you want from life. You may choose to focus on a particular aspect of your life, or life as a whole, bringing greater awareness to your life and what's important to you.

My style of coaching is integrative and in particular I draw on the approaches of positive psychology, mindfulness and eco-psychology. I support you to move towards positive mood, confidence, decision-making, greater resilience, purpose, inspiration and life-satisfaction, while you are being firmly grounded in your values.

I facilitate a process, from a systemic perspective, where you can explore how to live life courageously and develop a vision that has meaning, purpose, direction and is rooted in your values. I work interactively and intuitively to facilitate transformation, with a focus on your development, engagement, sense of identity, learning and reflection.

You are encouraged to be curious, to explore what it's like to be human today and to find your direction going forth.

Most of us have a favourite green space, perhaps it is near to where we live or work. A place that resonate strongly with us, support us to relax, to unwind and to think more clearly.

The pace of life can cut us off from and make us feel separate from the natural world, the seasonal energies to which our mind, body, heart and soul are so closely connected. Spending time outdoors and connecting to what is around us through our senses - what we can see, hear, feel, smell and touch - can help us to slow down, become more grounded and feel spacious inside so we can reflect, generate new ways of thinking, find ideas and solutions.

'Walk and Talk' coaching sessions can be very rewarding. Simply by walking, touching the earth and connection with companion species you can open up in a different way, think more creatively and explore feeling part of a greater interconnected world.

Try the exercise below in a garden, park or other open space:

  • Take some time to walk by yourself, slow your pace down and take some deep breaths
  • Name 4 things you can see, 4 you can hear, 4 you can feel
  • Then name 3 of each, 2 of each and lastly 1 of each
  • Check in with yourself - how are you now?

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Sessions: Face to face - phone - video calls

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